Boise Extended Family Portraits | Late Fall Family Photos

Dear Santa,

I would love a wireless clicker for our annual extended family portraits. I keep relearning this lesson year after year. Running through rocks in heeled boots wasn’t a fun idea this year.

Love, Erin

PS: I’ve been pretty good…

Boise Extended Family Portraits | © Erin D. Photography | Boise Extended Family Portraits | © Erin D. Photography | Boise Extended Family Portraits | © Erin D. Photography |


Boise Family Portraits in Fall | Take Pictures, Please

I don’t often write long posts (after all this is a photography website and a picture is worth a thousand words) but I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you at the start of this holiday season.

I’ve said it before, but one of my favorite parts about being a family portraits photographer is watching my families grow and being able to document each stage in their lives. Do you remember this couple? I first took their portraits to celebrate their second wedding anniversary, then again to celebrate their first pregnancy. Now here they are, a family of four.

Family pictures are magical. They are true time machines that take us back to moments we might otherwise have lost forever. Three weeks ago I lost someone I dearly loved. I have been missing her every day and have been further reminded why what I do (photography, specifically family portraits) is so important. Everything created by my lost loved ones hands, every picture I have of her is a true treasure and brings her warmth back into my life. I feel regret that the last time we were together I didn’t take many pictures because I was unwell. That my youngest daughter who shares her name will have no memories of her. But I take comfort in knowing that I do have pictures, and I can tell her story.

I know that planning family pictures can be difficult, but it is worth every effort. I take great pride in the compliments my clients give regarding how this was the “easiest” or “most relaxed” portrait experience they’d ever had, or that I shattered their expectations for the stressful experience they were anticipating. Life is fleeting. But photography allows us to hold onto it and savor our time and memories here a little longer. It tells our stories to the generations that will follow us having never heard our voice or held our hand. It gives us a form of immortality. Hold close your loved ones this hoilday season. Laugh hardily, love deeply, and don’t forget to take pictures.

Boise Family Portraits | © Erin D. PhotographyBoise Family Portraits | © Erin D. Photography
Boise Family Portraits | © Erin D. Photography Katie&Gabe010



A Boise LDS Temple Wedding

I am in my happy place when photographing Seniors and Families, but rarely, occasionally, from time to time, I will take on a wedding with just the right couple. This wedding was especially fun because it was a few days before my own 10th Wedding Anniversary — and boy did it cause the memories to come flooding back. Erik and Coral, you are going to make a beautiful “…happily ever after”. Congratulations you two! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your special day.

Boise Wedding | © Erin D. Photography Boise Wedding | © Erin D. Photography Boise Wedding | © Erin D. Photography Boise Wedding | © Erin D. Photography


Remaining 2014 EDP Session Openings

Is it hot in here or am I just pregnant? I guess it’s both! I hope each of you are enjoying the summer sunshine and staying cool.

Baby Girl Darrington #2

This is a reminder for clients who have mentioned they wanted to book a session this year that I will only be scheduling sessions through October 3rd 2014 this year. This allows me enough time to finish editing all sessions before baby GIRL’s arrival at the end of October. With my current booking reservations scheduled that leaves only 10 session openings until Erin D. Photography re-opens in Spring of 2015.

So don’t wait! If you are looking to book your Senior, Engagement, or Family Photos (think Christmas cards in July!)  Call me (208.409.1383) or send me an email and we will get your secure your session reservation today!

PS: Thanks to all clients who were thinking pink for us, our daughter is thrilled to finally be getting the sister that in her words she’s “waited her whole life for”. 5 years is a long wait, especially when you’re only 5.


Falling for Boise / The Taj Mahal


Boise Family Photography | Erin D. Photography

Upon opening the doors you are instantly transported; seemingly to another world. The exotic smells, the warm lighting, the foreign melodies all seduce you into staying and indulging the rest of your senses.

The Taj Mahal is more that just amazing Indian and middle eastern food, it is also like a foreign vacation. My husband and I first fell for the Taj Mahal at their old location off of Fairview in 2007. I love to try new things, but I am often intimidated by new food, I want to know that I will enjoy what I am ordering. This was my initial concern since I had very little experience with middle eastern food, but I was open to an adventure.

We walked in and were instantly captivated by the atmosphere, warmly greeted, quickly seated, and given our menus. It was then that reality came back to remind me that it was just as I feared – I had no idea what to order. I somewhat sheepishly confessed this to our waiter, who kindly and carefully took the time to guide us through several dishes he thought we would enjoy based on our preferences. Both my husband and I were impressed with his attention to detail in helping us to really enjoy this new culinary experience.

Boise Taj Mahal / Erin D. Photography

We were seated near the television – which featured some of the best of Bali-wood. It was so fun to watch, enjoy, (and occasionally chuckle) at the film as we anticipated our dinner’s arrival. When our waiter returned he let us know that our dishes would be hot and might need a moment to cool. We took that moment to ask our waiter even more about the Taj Mahal. We learned that it is a family business – on every level. Owned by his father Sohail, while his mother Farha is the amazing cook, and he and his brothers serve customers. He took the time to share with us his family’s story. We were completely enchanted with their family and by the end of our conversation we felt even more attached to the Taj Mahal.

He then left us to enjoy our dishes, for which we had to order extra Naan to soak up every bit of the delicious sauces (Indian Butter Chicken and the Minced Lamb are now some of our favorites). When our waiter returned to check how things were and refill our drinks we again engaged him in learning even more about his culture and his family. At one point Sohail came to our table where he continued to answer our questions and joke with us as his son continued to care for the other tables around us.

Boise Taj Mahal Directions / Erin D. Photography

Click the image above and Print your own Guide to the Taj Mahal

We felt so well taken care of during our time at the Taj Mahal, that we couldn’t wait to come back again. When we did return we received the same level of service from another son. When they changed their location I was elated because this is where the Taj Mahal really belonged – amidst the charm of downtown Boise. You can find Sohail, Farha and their sons nestled on 8th Street in the heart of Downtown Boise. You will experience a level of care and intimate service that isn’t so common anymore – a true local family-run business. Once you arrive, don’t plan to dine and dash. Stop. Stay. Savor. And allow yourself to experience the exotic beauty of another world right in the middle of your own.

And really, with Valentine’s Day so near what better place to take your sweetheart than a restaurant named after the most romantic monument in the world?

Call and make your reservations with the Taj Mahal today 208.473.7200

*If your schedule for this Valentine’s Day doesn’t allow you the opportunity for a sit down dinner, consider a surprise picnic for your and your honey. You can order the Taj Mahal’s  lunch box where you can get three items (basmati rice, a meat dish, and a vegan or vegetarian dish) all for only $6 each. Take the time to share your lunch break with your beloved and enjoy a delicious, healthy, and unique meal together.


Falling For Boise Photography | Flying M

Boise Family Photography | Erin D. Photography

Did you see the introduction to the Falling for Boise series? If not CLICK HERE to get started.

What better place to start than with Boise’s Living Room – The Flying M.

Boise Family Photographer | Erin D. Photography

Casual, warm, and welcoming. Upon walking in, survey the tables surrounding you.  You’ll find yourself in a wonderful melting pot of people. From the table of Boise Fish and Wildlife Biologists and Professors (who have been meeting there every Tuesday morning for the past 10 years), to the mom who is popping in and out with her toddler, to the business professional on her way to the office, to the couple who always finishes their morning walk here – the Flying M is a place for everyone.

I am not a coffee drinker. You may ask “then Erin why are you highlighting a coffee shop?”. I’ll tell you. The Flying M is more than its drinks – though you will find me with a Mint Cocoa in hand in the winter and a Raspberry Italian Soda in the summer, of which I have yet to find better. You return to the Flying M for its energy, for the feeling you get when you’re there. It’s in the friendly staff, the hodgepodge tables and chairs, the nostalgic cups, and most importantly it’s in the people who come here – and keep coming here. It’s hard to explain unless you have felt it for yourself.

Boise Family Photographer | Erin D. Photography

When you go I suggest you plan to stay a while.  My husband and I can be found here in the winter months with a board game in hand, at a rustic old table, with our perfectly mismatched chairs. We people watch, we rub shoulders with neighboring tables, we deepen our relationship together out of the house, but still feeling at home.

There is no hurry, no rush to be on your way. This is Boise’s Living Room and everyone is welcome.

SHARE this post with your hubby or girl friends and make a point to have a date at the Flying M to experience this for yourself.

Oh, and one last thing:

Boise Family Photogaphy | Erin D. Photography

This year will be Flying M’s twenty-first year holding their Valentine for AIDS silent art auction to benefit SNAP (Safety Net for AIDS Program) of Boise. SNAP provides assistance in housing, utility bills, groceries, and medical insurance payments for clients living with HIV/AIDS. About 250 local artists (including myself) will create and donate Valentines that will be on display and available for bidding beginning February 6th, until 4pm on Sunday, February 16th at Flying M in downtown Boise. Valentines can be viewed from 9am-9pm, Monday-Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 9th, from 9-6pm. Last year, the event raised over $20,000.

If you would like further information about Valentine for AIDS you can email Kent or Kelly at: