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I have said it before but watching my clients families grow is a true delight.

Whether through the birth of new children, adoption, or just watching time pass and toddlers blossoming into children and children to young adults, it is one of the most fulfilling parts of my work.

Congratulations to the D’Addabbo family on their new eternal addition.

Click here to see how they’ve grown.

Temple Sealing Portraits | © Erin D. Photography Temple Sealing Portraits | © Erin D. Photography Temple Sealing Portraits | © Erin D. Photography


Boise Family Portraits in Fall | Take Pictures, Please

I don’t often write long posts (after all this is a photography website and a picture is worth a thousand words) but I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you at the start of this holiday season.

I’ve said it before, but one of my favorite parts about being a family portraits photographer is watching my families grow and being able to document each stage in their lives. Do you remember this couple? I first took their portraits to celebrate their second wedding anniversary, then again to celebrate their first pregnancy. Now here they are, a family of four.

Family pictures are magical. They are true time machines that take us back to moments we might otherwise have lost forever. Three weeks ago I lost someone I dearly loved. I have been missing her every day and have been further reminded why what I do (photography, specifically family portraits) is so important. Everything created by my lost loved ones hands, every picture I have of her is a true treasure and brings her warmth back into my life. I feel regret that the last time we were together I didn’t take many pictures because I was unwell. That my youngest daughter who shares her name will have no memories of her. But I take comfort in knowing that I do have pictures, and I can tell her story.

I know that planning family pictures can be difficult, but it is worth every effort. I take great pride in the compliments my clients give regarding how this was the “easiest” or “most relaxed” portrait experience they’d ever had, or that I shattered their expectations for the stressful experience they were anticipating. Life is fleeting. But photography allows us to hold onto it and savor our time and memories here a little longer. It tells our stories to the generations that will follow us having never heard our voice or held our hand. It gives us a form of immortality. Hold close your loved ones this hoilday season. Laugh hardily, love deeply, and don’t forget to take pictures.

Boise Family Portraits | © Erin D. PhotographyBoise Family Portraits | © Erin D. Photography
Boise Family Portraits | © Erin D. Photography Katie&Gabe010