Children’s Portraits Boise Idaho

I have been excited to share these pictures since the end of April! The mother of these beautiful babes arranged this shoot as a surprise present for her husband’s graduation from medical school, so I restrained myself until now so as not to spoil the surprise. We even did a different crop of their group shot with a darling poem to the side about how the MD in his name really stand for “My Daddy”. Such a creative, thoughtful, and lasting gift! Congratulations to Dr. P. both on his accomplishments in school and with his beautiful family!

Children's Portraits Boise Idaho | © Erin D. Photography Children's Portraits Boise Idaho | © Erin D. Photography Children's Portraits Boise Idaho | © Erin D. Photography Children's Portraits Boise Idaho | © Erin D. Photography


What to Wear for Spring Family Pictures / Erin D. Photography

Spring has sprung!  Everything is beginning to grow and bloom and blossom. It’s time to plan your wardrobe for your spring family portraits!

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your family’s outfits.


This is an often overlooked factor when making your wardrobe selection. Remember, these pictures are going to showcase your beautiful family on the walls of your home. Be sure that your choice of clothing compliments the areas in which you will be displaying your new works of art!

what to wear spring 2 | Erin D. Photography




As moms we all know that if we don’t love the way we look in a picture, there is no way we are going to want to see it every day. You are your worst critic, and as a mom you are always putting everyone else first. This is not a time to neglect yourself! This is your chance to put yourself first and make sure that you love the way you look in your family pictures. So go out and treat yourself to a new outfit that you feel fabulous in. Be sure that your outfit choice suits the type of look you want to create for the session. While you certainly rock that little black dress, it might not be suitable for a tickle fight in the grass. On the other hand, if you are hoping for a very high end formal shoot that might be just the right thing.

what to wear spring 3 | Erin D. Photography




Now that you’ve found the perfect ensemble choose a color pallet based off of it and begin finding the right outfits for your family.  Accessories and patterns are a great way to incorporate colors without being too matchy-matchy (none of this everyone wears black shirts and khaki’s here!).  Having varying colors will create a more interesting photo, while having colors within the same tonal range will create a cohesive look.

what to wear spring 4 | Erin D. Photography



Untitled-4Think of  your personality collectively as a family. What one word would you use to describe “you”. Playful? Sophisticate? Fun-loving? Snuggly? Intellectual? We want that personality trait to shine through in your photos, and one great way to do that is through your outfit choices.

what to wear spring | Erin D. Photography



Untitled-5If there is a specific shot you are really wanting to get? Be sure your clothing choices for each person are appropriate to make that happen. This generally isn’t a problem but if you really know that you want a mother-daughter shot during your session, make sure that your outfits will compliment each other.
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Getinski / Boise Child Photographer

Meet Señor Getinski (get-in-ski). He has far surpassed my other two children in his feats of daring and mess making antics.

Which child has been your biggest “getinski”?

What was their most memorable, creative, or laughable (maybe not at the time) moment?


Boise Child Photographer | Child Photography Tip #2: Bug in my Camera Trick

This is a tip for the child who is more interested in their environment than having their photo taken (of course you’ve never heard of such a thing).

Boise Child Photographer | Erin D. PhotographyStart by getting the child’s attention. If you don’t think a simple “Come here kiddo” will work then try making a startled a-spider-just-landed-in-my-breakfast squeal.

Then tell the kiddo that you think there might be a bug in your camera! Ask them to look into the lens side while you look through the view finder, at your iPhone screen, etc. You should definitely take a shot of their cute inquisitive look. Ask them if they can see it (click, click, click) then tell them what the bug looked like.

You can try to get them to giggle from your description of the bug, or what it’s making your camera smell like, etc. But for the astute bug hunter you may need to employ one more trick: YOU need to smile and say “Ope! I saw it, the bug must only come out when it sees smiles! Will you smile for me to see if I can find it again?”. If you get a fake smile encourage them to give you a real smile, if this isn’t happening employ Child Photography Tip #1.

Once you have gotten your pictures of them smiling you MUST employ this next step. Gasp and snatch the “bug” out of your camera. Tell the child “I caught it! Quick come look!”. If you want fun pictures of you with your child pass off the camera to someone close by. If the child you are photographing isn’t your own or if your spouse is present pass the “bug” off to them and whisper to them the secret below and get ready to snap some great shots.

As the child comes closer slowly open your hands and declare “It’s a tickle bug!!” and let the laughter begin.

So often, we, as moms, find ourselves behind the camera – make sure you pass the camera to someone else occasionally. You are the biggest and most important part of your child’s memories, help them to better remember and savor the fun and silly moments of their childhood with you.



Delsa’s Ice Cream Parlour / Boise Valentine’s Day Mini Session / Boise Child Photography

This weekend I had a very sweet Valentine’s Day Mini Shoot complete with cute kiddos, and homemade ice-cream in Delsa’s fun 50’s style parlour!

Valentine's Day Mini Session Boise Idaho | Erin D. Photography

Valentine's Day Mini Session Boise Idaho | Erin D. Photography

I can hardly wait to give these kiddos their personalized Valentines from their Mini Shoot!

Valentine's Day Mini Session Boise Idaho | Erin D. Photography


Free 52 Week Calendar Printable

Don’t forget to schedule you’re Valentine’s Day Mini Session there are only 3 sessions left. Email to secure your spot!

If you’re like me, it’s nearly February and you are realizing you could use a little extra organization in your life. Fear not my fellow procrastinators and wait no longer!

Download Your FREE Printable 52 Week Calendar HERE

I wanted something with a full page monthly calendar:

Free 52 Week Calendar | Erin D. Photography

And a full page weekly calendar.

Free 52 Week Calendar | Erin D. Photography

With space for me to add notes at the bottom.

Free 52 Week Calendar | Erin D. Photography

You’ll notice that my week runs Monday-Saturday because I don’t schedule much of anything on Sundays – for me they are a day for worship, attending church with my family and then enjoying the day just being together as a family and the Sunday space on my Monthly Calendar is plenty of room for me to fill in things that might come up. If you need a little extra space for Sunday you can always use the notes section as a place for those items.

If you decide to print on both sides of your pages like I did here is an order to follow:

On the back of January print your the “2014” Title page. On the back of every other Month page (Feb-Dec) print the Thursday-Saturday weekly calendar. On the back of the 2014 side of your monthly calendar print the Monday-Wednesday weekly calendar. Then just print as many double sided Mon-Wed with Thurs-Sat on the back sheets as you need to fill your weeks.

The great thing about this calendar is you can print as you go, or print it all out at once. You can use it for planning your weeks, planning your meals, planning for school assignments, and any other number of things, the possibilities are endless!

Happy Organizing! Leave a comment and tell me how do you plan to use this calendar? And if you like this click below to share it with your friends!


Boise Child Photographer | Valentine’s Day Mini’s 2014 | Delsa’s Ice Cream Parlour

Boise Child Photographer | Valentine's Day Minis | Erin D. Photography

 Sign Up now for your child’s Valentine’s Day Mini Session at Boise’s famous Delsa’s Ice Cream Parlour on Saturday, January 25th 2014.

Choose from one of two package options:

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